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That about sums it up! But I also enjoy the occasional Literary and Historical Fiction, Young Adult (as long as it's not too mushy-gushy, I run from those faster than Snape from a bottle of shampoo!) and selected Memoirs & Autobiographies. I don't touch Horror, zombies & other dark creatures, and I have no patience whatsoever for Romance.

Fair warning: I'm not a professional reviewer or a literary expert, just your regular run-of-the-mill bookworm who really enjoys reading, so my reviews won't be fancy and/or deep. 

- Rating system -
My rating system goes like this:
  • 5 books - an excellent book, I couldn't put it down or even wait to know the end. I definitely recommend you give it a go.
  • 4 books - a very good book with a lot of potential. Not perfect or irresistibly engaging but I recommend you include it on your to-be-read-soon list.
  • 3 books - a good book. Not memorable but not terrible either, just decent enough to pass the time or if you don't have anything else to read.
  • 2 books - a book with many issues and one I didn't particularly like. Not a complete waste of time but I don't recommend you rush to read it.
  • 1 book - I really didn't care for this book and gave up on it entirely.

- Contact -
[For personal reasons I'm unable to accept new review requests at the moment]

- Disclaimer -
All reviews are my own personal opinion and I'm not compensated in any way for the reviews. All books reviewed on this blog are either purchased by me, borrowed from the public library or provided by publishers and authors free of charge in exchange for an honest review.


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